Wednesday, 29 October 2008

I Voted Early

I sent my ballot in last week, as you get to do as an early ballot voter abroad. I'm grateful that I still can vote, even though I don't live in the States at the moment. I'll always be American and I'll always be concerned what's happening in my beloved country.

I feel that as an American, we can be much more educated voters than people have the opportunity of being in the UK. I do feel it's important to educate ourselves and not just vote for what our parents vote for. I found a great website to help you in making an educated decision in who you vote for, as the time is at hand. Forget all the campaigning and the drama of the commercials, which I'm grateful to miss out on. Read the issues, compare the ideas of the candidates, and vote accordingly!! I found a great website to compare the candidates with the issues. You can read about the issues, quotes from the candidates on the issues, and even see what their vote on the issues was. Very helpful!!

I vote as a resident in the state of Arizona. I'm grateful that as an American we get to vote on propositions that directly affect us in our own States. I voted "Yes" on prop 102, to define marriage as being between a man and a woman. We need to make a stand for our morals, whole heartedly, so that things are not watered down for our children's children. I sympathize with my family in California who are labouring intensively to get a "Yes" vote on prop 8. If you do go to compare the issues with the candidates on the above website, it's easy to see what the candidates opinions on this (and all) issues are. McCain got my vote, although he's more liberal than I would like on some issues. Obama comes across as not having a conservative bone in his body, though. It'd be better if we were to have Biden as our President, which is why Obama chose him. I don't really want to get into too many issues on my blog page, as this is not what I intended for my blog to consist of. I just feel there has never been a greater need for us, in particular those who are members of the church, to make a stand!!

Happy voting! I only hope that we still have a chance!

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Happy Birthday, Cuddle!!

Chloe turned 4 yesterday, in English time, today in Las Vegas time. To celebrate, we had a birthday dinner with Granny and Grandad, and a Halloween birthday party with friends, yesterday. It was loads of fun, but I wasn't well and did my back in before the party, so I was ready to just chill out the rest of the day. Chloe loved it, though, and kept saying,"Happy Birthday to me!"

Some of my favourite things about Chloe are:
- She gives the best cuddles and kisses...ever!
- When I do her hair in the morning, she goes to the mirror and says, "I look fableous!"
- She always tells me, "You're my mummy in the best world!"
- She is genuinely excited for her family, especially her big sister Sophia, when they do something well.
- If you ask her if she's feeling well, she says, "I'm feeling quite better, thank you!"
- She's good at everything she wants to do...singing, dancing, playing the piano, writing, reading...everything!

I could go on any mother who loves her children. I'm just so grateful to have her as part of our family. She really is a special little girl and I love you, my little Chlo Chlo!

James, obviously, enjoys any function with food involved!

I made the cake for the family party. We had spider cupcakes for the Halloween party.

The children loved their fangs in their party bags. This boy is the one that Chloe loves, but he only has eyes for Sophia. So sad.

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Life is just too busy!

I actually have a quiet minute of time, so I thought I'd fill everyone in on what the Doggett's have been up to. You know about the pregnancy news, so the rest is just icing on the, already extremely tired, Jaime cake!

We're going to visit my family for Thanksgiving. Hooray!! I'm really excited to see everyone again, but the occasion really isn't a joyous one. My grandpa Petersen is really unwell. These times are always the hardest to be away from my family. I only just saw him in January, and we weren't planning on going to the States again until 2010, to try and keep our 'every other year' trip going. After news of my grandpa's condition, though, I just wanted to be there. This was complicated b/c, as you know, I'm 6 1/2 weeks pregnant, so I couldn't go straight away. If I want travel insurance (which you'd be crazy to go to the States without), I have to wait until I'm out of my first trimester. Secondly, money was a big issue. To make a long story short, we didn't have money for all of us to go out there this year, so it would have been just me and James. Luckily, I married into a generous family who loves me and my family, and Simon's parents and his grandad all put money towards our journey, so that I and all of my family can visit with my grandpa. I'm so grateful to live in a time when I can travel so easily, and I'm so grateful for all the family I have. Our third obstacle in this is that Simon didn't have enough holiday to go out...I know, it's crazy when he already gets a month of paid holiday, but he didn't have any left, so he's now working most Saturdays until we leave. I found this particularly stressful this morning, considering some things that you'll learn about as you read on. But, he's doing it and I'm so grateful that he's doing it b/c he wants to see my grandpa too. I couldn't ask for a more considerate and loving husband. Thank you, Simon! All in all, we just can't wait to see everyone.

As if I didn't have enough on my plate at the moment, I've just been called as the Relief Society President in our ward. I know...WHAT????!!!! The Bishop told me that I let out the loudest laugh he's ever heard when he told me. I just couldn't believe it! Apart from feeling not at all qualified in any way, I haven't even been in Relief Society for a decade. I don't even know how the opening exercises go. Along with my new calling, I've had meetings almost every night this week, and I'm worn out! I must say, though, that if I have to be Relief Society Pres., at least I'm doing it in Bath Ward. I love my ward!! I love all my brothers and sisters in my ward! They really are my family away from home. I know they have a true love for me and my family, so I do look forward to serving them. I also look forward to instigating fun. I got to be a part of this 'fun' recently, when some ladies from my ward kidnapped the Stake Presidents wife, also our very good friend, dressed up (which you know I love) and went to see Mama Mia. The show was cute, but I just enjoyed the company and the look on Debbie's face when we showed up at her house and did a choreographed dance. Some of you will recognise the costumes!

Something's going to have to give, though. I'm on the parents committee's for Sophia's school and Chloe's preschool. I don't really care much for being on the preschool committee, but I do love to be on the school one. Sophia had a disco at school last Friday. It was a beach themed one and she had nothing to wear, so I made her a grass skirt out of pond reeds from our garden and a laie out of fuchsia's from our garden, too. She looked fab, although she didn't enjoy the beetle that came out for a visit on her head from the fuchsia!

Chloe is a bit of a trial for me right now. She is a joy, though. Chloe is probably my least confident child, but she is always thrilled for everyone else's accomplishments. Sophia has recently learnt how to ride her bike and we went out with her to show us her new moves, and Chloe just ran along behind her saying how fantastic she was doing. She always cheers on James and Sophia. She doesn't seem to possess any jealousy of her siblings. She tries me in other ways, though. Chloe is never in a hurry to do anything. Whenever I ask for her help in getting dressed or tidying up, she just goofs around and never gets to it until I'm at my wits end and ready to throw her out the window! I really don't know how to get her going. I've just started to add another 30minutes onto whatever we need to do, just to compensate for the fact I know she won't be quick, but nothing ever seems to happen without drama and running to wherever we need to go.

James is active. He loves to walk and just cries when I put him in the buggy. He is a little muscle man, too. It makes me laugh b/c his calf muscles just poke out like he's some kind of body builder. He loves his food, too. I already feed him quite big portions and he gobbles them up in no time and just looks at the girls and moans at them to give him their dinner. I don't know where it all goes b/c he's not chubby, either. He's usually very happy and mild nature, too, but when he gets mad...he really gets mad. His tantrums always consist of him throwing himself face first to the floor, knocking his nose so it starts bleeding, then banging his head if the original pain of heading to the floor, face first, just wasn't enough! He reminds me of Brett when he does it and how Brett just never seemed to feel the pain of giving us head butts. The funniest thing about it is how happy James normally is. Everyone is always commenting on what a smiley, friendly boy he is. I'm going to have to get it on video sometime, when I'm not mopping up the blood!

So there you have it, our busy life! Keeps things interesting, though!

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Tagged by Mandi

Mandita tagged me. I don't have time to find a pic for this post, either...sorry! A bit of fun, but I found it really hard to think of 8 things, especially for places to eat and shows to watch!

8 Shows I Like to Watch:
Gilmore Girls
The Office
the news
Ugly Beatty
Greys Anatomy
Desperate Housewives

8 Places I Like to Eat:
This is hard b/c we never eat out, so I've put some American ones in there.
Cafe Rio
In and Out
El Pollo Loco
Cafe India
old pubs and tea rooms
Domino's (although it comes to the door)

8 Things That Happened Yesterday:
Walked Sophia to and from school and Chloe to and from preschool
Walked into town to do some shopping.
Got Sophia's school pics back...they're way cute!
Tried to sort out my Relief Society mess!!
Took Sophia to ballet.
Cleaned up the girls HUGE bedroom mess.
Called my parents.
Fell asleep at 9pm!

8 Things That I am Looking Forward To:
Visiting my family for Thanksgiving
Having baby #4
Christmas, I love Christmas!
Visiting my family in South Carolina.
Chloe's birthday, but especially her cake!
Meeting Simon's old mission friend and his family at the temple.
Seeing Cindy again, I think she was trying to make it out next year.
Candace coming to visit, I know she will before too long!!

8 Things on my wish list
My Grandpa will get better
A healthy baby
To lose the weight after having my healthy baby
All my friends to be converted.
To have my family come visit me, I love visitors!!
Time, time, and more time!
No housework, so I can play with my children all day!
Getting some decorating done.

I tag anyone who wants to take it on!! Love ya!