Thursday, 31 July 2008

The aliens are coming!

Summer has been in full swing, so we decided to enjoy the hot weather by hiking around and seeing all the crop circles. Wiltshire is the home of crop circles. I don't know why the aliens love it so much, but if they're going to invade, this is where it will be. I find it very suspicious, though, that at all the crop circles there's big tour buses full of people to come and view them, and a bunch of fruitcakes that come to get 'taken'. There's also loads of gypsy caravans, to bank in on the idea. This one was selling baskets.

We spent the rest of the day hangin' at Bowood. It's such a great place for lazy afternoons, and kicking a ball around.

We thought James looked hilarious on Saturday. He had this really bad farmers tan and we put suncream on his hair and it made him have punk rock hair. He also gives me the funniest looks when I say 'no' to him (as pictured). He, usually, is just full of smiles, though.

The girls are just always looking for opportunities to pose for me, which I don't complain about! Sophia never stops talking, though. I don't quite understand how she never needs to come up for air. Seriously, she can talk your ear off!

Friday, 25 July 2008

All moved in...

We are in our house now and it is bliss! I love living here! Our little street is so quiet. There's children playing everywhere. I just might want to have a house here forever. Just in case this causes any of those other lovley Americans distress, this 'forever' comment is made with the intention that we'll also have a house in America, when Simon retires, so don't worry! I'm not giving up America!!

It's taken some time to get back on here, but that's just one of the drawbacks of cheap call/broadband plans. There's no changing it, though b/c my calls to America are all free of charge...and I'm sure some of you are wondering why I don't call you more, now! We're up in running now, so I have no complaints. I've also had plenty to fill my time with in my new house...plenty!!

The last couple of weeks have been the winding down of school for Sophia, and have been soooo hectic. I can't believe Sophia has already completed her first year of school. This is a picture of when she started school, last September.
I took another picture of her today, which was the final day of Reception.
I've been so impressed with how much she's learnt this year. She had an excellent teacher, Miss Harding. Her school is such a nice school, too, and is currently tabled as the 2nd best Primary school in the whole of Wiltshire. It just has a lovely feel to it, and I'm so happy that my children will all go there. Here is Sophia with Miss Harding, who is better off not knowing that I'm posting pictures of her on my blog. I think she already thought I was a bit mad just getting a picture of her. I just blame it on being a cheesy American. She was telling me today how she remembers Sophia visiting the school for the first time and telling everyone how she had on her American dress that day. It was, actually, the 4th of July when she visited. We were also recalling how she told everyone that she is half English, half American, and all Chippenhamish!

I'm still in shock that I have a child who just finished her first year of school!

Chloe finished her first year of preschool as well. She isn't so into it, so I only take her 2-3 mornings a week. I'm not bothered that she'd rather spend her time with me. It makes me feel like I get to know Chloe in a way that nobody else does. I know this can probably be said about most mothers and their little ones, but Chloe really does just save some things for me. She's a whole different ball of wax than Sophia. Chloe is really sweet and childlike, but she gets really cross if you interrupt her when she is talking!! When she needs a plaster or medicine, she always tells me, "That will feel me better." She has the cutest little voice, but the accent seems to be more New Yorker than anything else. We think that's what happens with an English/American accent. She'll start sounding more English when she goes to school.
Here's Chloe at her preschool party. She always insists on wearing this Belle dress that is too big and falling apart. She says it's not a Belle dress, it's a Christine dress from Phantom of the Opera. Unfortunately, I haven't seen any of those on sale. Most children opt for a princess!