Monday, 17 November 2008


I'm sure you've all seen this tag before. I was wondering when it was going to happen to me. It's your 4th picture file and your 4th picture on your computer. I was, unfortunate, that mine was one of Sophia when she was about 2 years old, with her pants on her head! This was typical for her, though, so I'm not surprised that it's the picture I landed on!

This is my last post before I go to America tomorrow...YIPEE!!! I'll, hopefully, be keeping up to date from across the pond.

I tag: Pam, Mandi, Maria, Sarah R. (Sarah G. never does these things!), and Tricia

Monday, 10 November 2008


This was meant to be posted yesterday, but I was having some technical problems with my broadband. I still thought it was an important post to include, as we should always be remembering.

I've never been a soldiers wife whilst her husband was away for months on end, struggling with children on her own, and the horrible feeling of not knowing if he would ever come home to her. I've never been a daughter or grandaughter, who's experienced what it would be like to have the closest men in her life in the same circumstance, although I am a daughter and grandaughter of a loving father and grandfather who've sacrificed the same in Vietnam and World War II. I have been a sister to a hero of a brother who did leave his wife and 2 children (at the time) to sacrifice his very life in Iraq. I know that, although, they've all come home safely, they have all sacrificed their lives in the sense that their lives would never be the same again, and they did it for me. These are the heroes I'm remembering today. Whether we agree with the wars or the politics behind it, the fact remains that our brave soldiers and their families are sacrificing all that they have so that I can enjoy the incredible liberties that I have. I'm so grateful to them. They are my heroes!

*I didn't have a picture of my grandfather, but the top picture is my brother Brett and his wife Beth. The bottom picture is of my mom and dad when they were engaged and he was off to Vietnam.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

I Will Fight!!!

I didn't really want to write much about politics on my blog, b/c it's all so draining and everyone feels strongly about their views, but this is my blog and I feel that it's important for me to let everyone know just what I feel about the election today. I know it's late, as I won't be able to change any one's views before the election, but I did feel it was important to put it down on how I stand on things.

It's easy for me to avoid all the constant debating, commercials, campaigning, etc., as I live in the UK. I don't know all there is to know about the issues, but I try to educate myself the best I can. Some friends of mine posted a couple of items on facebook that have really shocked me and left me feeling frightened for the times ahead. Both items have to do with Proposition 8. I'm not a resident of California, although I have been in the past, so I don't vote as a resident of California. What happens in California does affect me for many reasons. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The guidelines for me are clear on gay marriage and that is that marriage is sacred and divinely appointed between a man and a woman. Does this mean that I hate homosexuals? No, but I will not in any way endorse their lifestyle as being anything other than against the will of our Heavenly Father. Anyone who knows me well, knows that I even went to a university that specialised in fashion, where I had many friends who were gay. I was able to express my views freely there in a manner that wasn't hateful, as I don't hate people who are gay, and I expect to be able to do the same here.

The impact on this issue in America is even greater than the impact here. If gay marriage were taught in schools here in the UK, I would have the option of taking my child out of the sex education classes. That option does not exists for residents of the United States. This doesn't mean that I wouldn't fight heart and soul against it here, if it were happening in my children's school. You can bet that I would fight it to the end. Who has the rights when the school gets to decide what's morally appropriate for your children over you as the parent?

It shocks me that some Americans who are supportive of proposition 8 would turn around and vote for Obama. Do they even pay any attention to what he has voted for in the past? If they would not want gay marriage to be legal in California, why would they want a President who has voted to legalise it in the past? If I have to say it clearer, I would not vote for Biden as our President, and I certainly would not vote for Obama. I know that when our forefathers wrote the constitution, they were inspired of God and for Obama to tell me it has flaws, offends me personally. For me, it was McCain all the way, although I wish it were Romney.

If you are curious to know more about Proposition 8, then check out this website:

The time is at hand where we will all need to be prepared and strong enough to make a stand against the immoral ways of the world we live in. Faithful members of the Mormon church and other Christian congregations have already had to do so in California. I've never felt stronger the need to be spiritually strong. You can guarantee that I won't be missing my prayers and my scripture study. My faith in Jesus Christ is the only thing that will give me strength in the times ahead. I wish that we lived closer to a temple, too. When we lived in Chorley, and the temple was only a 15 minute drive away, I was there every week. I felt all worldliness disappear in me as my heart was turned even more to my Saviour, Jesus Christ. This election has made it more clear to me the times that we are in. I know that the divide between right and wrong will get wider and wider. I think of those pioneers who sacrificed so much in the beginning and the horrible experiences they had so that I could have the religious freedom that I have and it frightens me how likely I see those times coming...rapidly.

We can not afford to be ignorant to the impact of saying no to proposition 8 will have on the residents of California. I could only fight more if I were living there and able to wave the 'yes' banner, as well. I could go on all day about the issues and I'm sure this blog entry seems to jump all over the place, but I feel that I needed to tell the world that I'm up for the fight and I'll do what it takes. I want to reiterate what my Aunt Pam said in her blog in regards to her new favourite hymn, "Who's on the Lord's side, who? Now is the time to show!"