Friday, 27 March 2009

Mum Update

I just wanted to send an update about Simon's Mum. She's doing much better than we could have expected at this stage. She is still in intensive care, but has regained some consciousness. She can open her eyes and breathe on her own, unaided. She is no longer on dialysis, either, so her kidneys have started to function again. Also, the bacteria has started to go down for the first time. Basically, instead of failing, all her organs have started to function again. We're so happy that positive progress has been made, but the doctors told us not to get too excited, as patients in her condition often have relapses and go back to stage one. We feel positive, though, that the Lord is looking after her and she is fighting to come back!

The recovery for her would be a matter of months, though. After intensive care, she would be in the hospital for weeks and then into a sort of care home for weeks after that, so we're not hoping that she'll be coming home soon anytime, but that she'll just continue to make positive steps in progressing. We feel blessed that she has been getting better.

The Lord really does hear and answer our prayers. Keep praying, though! xx

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Families are Forever

In the last few months, our family seems to have moved from one crisis to another. At times, some things have been more than we thought we could ever bear. Some of it has been brought on by others and totally beyond our control, some of it has been health related and, also, beyond our control. I don't write about any of it too much because I always try to remain positive, especially on my blog.

Last Thursday, Simon's Mum, was taken to hospital. She had been in bed for 8 days, not talking or eating. She was having problems breathing, so Simon's Dad phoned an ambulance. Now, she is in the intensive care unit at the hospital. She developed a condition that is, basically, very rare and life threatening. The name of it is streptococcus. It's some form of the the strep throat virus, as far as I know, and her immune system worked too hard to fight it off and started to poison her, instead of help her. The doctors have had to shut down her immune system, completely, because of it, and she is in an induced comma. With this sort of illness, the odds of survival are generally 20%. The doctor did say that given the fact that Mum doesn't smoke or drink, and that her general health is good, that the odds could be up to 50% chance. What a blessing it is to have the Word of Wisdom. In some circumstances, it really could mean the difference between life and death! We don't know what will happen, but that's a significant increase of odds in her favour.

Right now, we're all just waiting. It can take 7 days before there is any sign that the treatment is working, but she is stable. Our prayers are just constantly with her. The whole thing has just come out of nowhere, and has been a complete shock for us all. We have much faith, though, and we can certainly feel the calming power of the Spirit in such a difficult time. We're also very aware of our Heavenly Father and His mindfulness of us. We're doing okay.
One thing that has really helped us through this the most is the temple. We are so grateful for the temple and the prospect of our family being eternal. Simon's Mum always lives to the utmost degree of righteousness. Sometimes, I've even teased her for going a bit overboard, when she's told me she doesn't even watch commercials because they can be against her standards. I could never feel anything but gratitude to the way that she lives her life, now. We find it so comforting that we know, without any shadow of a doubt, that whatever happens we will be with her forever. She is an example to me in my life of the standard that I want to live up to. I really do love her.

I'll continue to update everyone on any news that we get. I just wanted to express how grateful I was today.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Happy Birthday, Momma's Little Helper!

James has turned 2 years old today! We had his party on Saturday with Granny and Grandad, where he enjoyed stuffing his face with cake! We went walking in Long Barrow, again, for the afternoon. The children love it there, and James loves climbing all over the place.

He's been such a blessing to have in our lives. The sad thing is, he is surrounded by women who are never going to let him go! A few things his family love about him...

-He is just so stinking cute!
-He is overly helpful and will get really cross if you don't let him help you with something.
-He is constantly singing, beautifully in tune! He can't talk, but he can sing!
-He loves to cuddle...something I could never deny him of, no matter what I'm doing!
-He goes in for a kiss like he's going in for a major snog!
-When he walks to school, he puts his hands in both of his pockets and strolls along like an old man.
-He loves helicopter's, and will talk to you about them for ages, demanding all your attention, and you can't understand a word he is saying! This doesn't bode well for his future wife!
-He is usually very placid and happy, but when he loses his temper, he goes on a major head banging session!

We just love our little man! Happy Birthday!

His gift from us was a Thomas The Tank Engine airport. It was a good choice for him.

He didn't really know what to make of Daddy and Sophia blowing on his cake. He just wasn't going to let go of his baloon and his helicopter.

Climbing around at Long Barrow.