Sunday, 11 January 2009

I love Wiltshire!

I really think we live in the coolest part of England, although there are many places that I love. I just love how ancient Wiltshire is, and whenever we go out on a walk we seem to find something cool that's a thousand plus years old. This time we decided to go to Longbarrow West Kennet, which is about a 10 minute drive from our house. We've always driven past it, but you can't see much from the road, so we didn't think there was much to it! It turns out that it's one of the coolest things I've seen here. It's an ancient tomb that's from about 500 years after the time of Adam. How cool is that! And even better is that it's completely free of charge! It has a proper tomb entrance and about 3 different rooms inside, which is a bit freaky when you're in there and start thinking about all the bones that were once piled up there. I just couldn't believe that it wasn't advertised more b/c I thought it was much cooler than Stonehenge (also near by), but I guess there always has to be the famous ones.
As a tradition for Easter, we always go out somewhere at sunrise on Easter Sunday and read the Easter story in the scriptures and sing a hymn. We were thinking that it would be really cool to go to Longbarrow this year, as it's a proper tomb and it faces the East. That would be cool!

Anyway, I do love living in Wiltshire. I'm happy that it feels like home to me now and I look forward to raising my children here.

Christmas...catching up!

I'm very behind on my posting, so I thought I'd catch up with a Christmas report. I have a picture of our stockings, because my mom always made stockings for us and I've carried on as the tradition for my children, and I'm making one for Simon, too. Sophia's is the one on the left, the one my mom made me in the middle, and Chloe's is on the right.

I'm very proud of Chloe's b/c I just finished it this year. The detail on it was impossible!! I've been working on it for a couple of years now.

I hate the amount of toys we have around our house, so we've decided to get one big thing each for the children, or just one big thing for all of them. This year the girls got a proper wooden doll house that I've always wanted for them to have. Their Yia Yia and Pops (my parents) got them all the people and funiture to go inside. They are having fun with it, and I can't wait to wallpaper and carpet the inside!

James enjoys the dollhouse, too! He got a parking garage and a bunch of cars to go with it, as he didn't really have any yet. His favourite gift is a £2 helicopter I got from Woolworths. Go figure!
We had a really lovely time, but I was eager to get the decorations down this year. Probably, because we finally got carpet for our lounge. Simon went mad and bought new couches, too! We've been saving up and they were all much needed. Below is a pic of the children with their reindeer and sleigh that they made. Sophia is Santa and Chloe is an elf bride (her own idea). I hope you all had a lovely Christmas!


I, finished the Twilight series a couple of weeks ago now and have seen the movie, too. So, here is what I thought:

Twilight - fantastic! Couldn't put it down!
New Moon - Not so good. I pretty much read it just to get to the next one.
Eclipse - Loved it! Another one that I couldn't put down!
Breaking Dawn - Alright, but not my fave. I thought it was very predictable and all the typos really annoyed me!
The movie - FANTASTIC! I've got to see it again!