Wednesday, 30 December 2009

The best packages!

A few days before Christmas, I got the best package from my parents. I'm always getting packages for us from my parents and we love every one of them, but this year was the year of the best packages.

My mom has always had a wonderful tradition for us on Christmas, where each year she has bought us or made us an ornament to remind us of that year. When I got married, she gave me my ornaments. I love it! My tree has real meaning. I love putting the ornaments up and thinking about my life and the memories. Here are some of my favourites:

After I had finished school, I worked as a substitute teacher for a bit. My mom got me a teacher's mug that year.

Taz reminds me of an alarm clock that I had (still have). The alarm was Taz coming up out of a whirlpool and snorting, "wake up!" It used to scare my room mate every morning, when I was in college.

This one was for the year that I was chosen to model for a New York modeling agency when I was 14 years old.

My mom made me this one when I went to London for university. Little did I know then, that I would be here for so much longer than 3 months!

This was the year that I graduated from college. I always think it's funny how I tower over people in pictures. I'm a blondie, too!

This year, my mom got ornaments to remind us of the time that she spent here with us when Lucy was born. She, lovingly, wrote a little note to go with each one, telling us why she got us that ornament. We will cherish it forever. Thanks, mom, for all the lovely memories!! I love you!

James is mad about Thomas and kept my mom busy building tracks for him.

Chloe started her first year of school this year. This is a backpack with her school picture in it. Yia Yia (my mom) took her to school for me.

This is probably my favourite one this year because it is so perfect. This is Lucy's baby one and it's a baby in a pea pod. It reminded my mom of how Simon was planting peas with the children whilst she was here, awaiting Lucy's birth.

This one is perfect, too. It's Sophia's because she reminds my mom so much of me. She is so much like me. I've got a mouth to battle when she's a teenager! I sometimes have to laugh, though, because it's as if I can hear myself talking.

This reminded my mom of how I am, actually, a good cook. I do love to cook and bake, but I wish I didn't. It's not so kind to the hip area!

This was Simon's. He loves The Office and my mom was watching it with him. We really loved the UK one, but ended up throwing the dvd's away because we didn't think they suited the household standards, so we were thrilled when the US came up with a cleaner version of the show!

I wanted to mention another package that I got this year, too. I have a hard time getting on here, so I don't always get to post when I want to, but a few months ago my Grandma Petersen sent me a most cherished package, too. My grandpa (Pata) died this year, as you've probably seen in a previous post. We went out to see him last Thanksgiving and we're so grateful that we had that opportunity, but I really wish I could've been there for the funeral, too. Anyway, my grandma sent me the book that he was studying before he died. It is so precious to me. She had written a note for me in it and all through the book were notes that my grandfather had made. My grandfather spent his life studying the gospel and he was such a good teacher. I couldn't have had a better gift. Thank you, Grandma...I love you!


The Hoffmans said...

I love your family ornament tradition! I liked looking at Mandi's last year when she had her tree up. Hope you guys had great Holidays.