Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Autumn and so on...

My blog is all about keeping in touch with those across the pond, so I rarely (if ever) have anything inspirational or flabergasting to say, and this entry is no different! I'm hardly able to get on here much these days, so I have to cram our goings on and pictures into one entry, every so often! Here goes the last few months!

Some of you Americans may not have known that the London temple now has a statue of Moroni on it's spire, so I thought I'd include this pic from our last trip to the temple. We also have a visitors centre with a Christus statue. It's wonderful!
A few months ago, we had a new arrival in the Doggett family. Simon's brother, Paul, and his wife, Lisa, had their first baby...a girl, Isabella. They came to visit us and we got to meet her. She is beautiful! Although, have you ever seen 2, full blood siblings look more different than Simon and Paul? It is bizarre!

We've been filling up weekends with getting out and about. We visited Farleigh Hungerford castle, which has a lovely setting and the kids love running around the ruins!

Chloe is 5...Hooray! We went to stay with Granny and Grandad for her birthday and then she stayed on her own for a few days after. She got stuffed to the brim, as Simon's mum's answer to any of life's dilema's is food. Chloe loved it! We also too her to the Dartmoor Pony Centre, as Chloe loves horses. She was in her element!

The other kids loved it, too! Lucy just spent the time being cute, which is what she does best!

Simon was busy planting vegetables in the garden this year and telling the children off when they pulled them up. Sophia pulled up one of his pumpkin plants and planted it in the flower bed. The result was amazing!! Her plant went from the bottom left corner of the picture to the top right.

It had 3 pumpkins on it. One the kids ran over. One of the other ones was enourmous!

We decided she could carve it for Halloween!

This year, James was a ghost for Halloween...and he was the cutest ghost ever! Easiest costume ever, too! I just love this boy! He is the sweetest little man there ever was!

Chloe went as Tinkerbell, which couldn't have suited her more!

Sophia went as a witch again, with a nose addition on last years costume.

Primary had a Halloween party. James and Chloe just stood around being shy for musical statues. Which worked well as a strategy for winning.

Hope you're all well and happy!! xx


Jack said...

I love your family and we miss you so much. I agree that James has to be one of the sweetest boy ever. Good to see you guys celebrating halloween!! Jack and I didn't feel much of the celebrating spirit when we were there. Again, we miss you guys. BY the way your girls are gorgeous.

Mandi and Rob said...

They look so cute and scary. It would be fun to have all the kids together for Halloween one year.

The Hoffmans said...

Your kids are so cute! I love Sophie with her short hair! Lucy and her cousin look so much alike I though you photo shopped a photo of two of your girls side by side as a comparrison photo! Looks like a lot of fun!

Allison said...

The picture of Simon's brother with the baby in a snuggly just cracks me up! I can't believe how big your baby is already!

Sarah Coyne said...

Oh, great pics!!! Thanks for the update! I can't believe how big your kids are getting!!!!

Pam said...

Beautiful kiddos! I miss you all so much! Thinking about how nice it was to be all together last Thanksgiving! Love you all so much:)

Catherine & Jonathan Edie said...

Love the Halloween costumes! Especially that Witches nose:-) Also your garden is awesome, love it. And I loved reading about the fam!