Friday, 29 May 2009

Lucy Lou

Lucy Louise Annora Doggett was born on the 25th May, after a grueling 1 hour and 30 minute labour. I know, it's not long, but it was intense. I was induced with pre-eclampsia again. I learned something new about pre-eclampsia, and that is that I'm, apparently, allergic to being pregnant! The doctor said that labour that is induced due to pre-eclampsia is usually quick b/c your body is eager to get the baby out b/c it's making you sick. Nice, I know, but my 3 babies that I had pre-eclampsia with have all been labours under 2 hours. Chloe was the only baby I wasn't allergic to and she took 2 days to get out! I just think the whole thing is hilarious! Anyway, we're happy and healthy. Lucy is a good baby and a good feeder. We've had a couple of sleepless nights, but what's having a newborn without a lack of sleep? All the children have been ecstatic about having her. She is a well-loved baby!