Monday, 16 February 2009


Now that the snow has, finally, melted I decided to post some pics. It was so bad here that Sophia's school and our church was cancelled. It lasted for a couple of weeks, but turned into ice. It was fun skating along the sidewalks!The girls making a snowman.

James in the back garden.

Chloe, posing on the night before the big snow.

James attempting to shovel.

The front of the house.


The Scott Family said...

WOW!! Its good to se some pictures of how much snow you actually got down South! I cant believe it!! And my sister, who had lots in Devon, still cant believe that here in Chorley, we hardly got any!When we made our tiny little snowman, we had to use ALL the snow from our back garden!!

Jaimers said...

I know, it was crazy down here! I thought Chorley would have had loads more!

Steph said...

Love the snow..your kids make it look so fun!