Tuesday, 3 February 2009

25 Randoms

I did this on facebook and thought it was so much fun! I believe everyone on here has 25 things about themselves that I would love to hear more about, so please do it! I'm not going to tag anyone, individually, I just want you all to do it! I'll add some more pics later, too, as I have some really great ones to go along with this post, but my scanner is out of order at the moment.

Rules:Once you've been tagged, you have to write a post with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.
1) I have become completely normal and boring and I could have never envisioned that my life could be so happy, being as completely normal and boring as I truly am!
2) I stalked Simon. I knew I was going to marry him before he even asked me out. I freaked out after he first talked to me b/c he was going home for Easter and I thought he would forget about me. To prevent this from happening, I looked up his parents address on a Greece Mission website and sent him an Easter card. It did the job and I'm glad it didn't scare him!
3) My brothers are pretty strong guys and whenever they would come after me, my only defense mechanism was to moon them. It worked! They wouldn't come near me!

4) When I first came to London I didn't have anywhere to stay, so I booked myself into a youth hostel and stayed in a room with 4 Australian guys and 2 German girls. It's one of the most random things I've ever done b/c I didn't know a thing about London and I didn't know a soul in the whole of England.

5) I hate it when it's cold and wet outside. Can you believe I actually love living in England, though?!

6) My biggest pet peeve is blind, uneducated voting. Is it really so hard for people to take the time to find out about what the candidates really stand for and what they've voted for in the past before making a stupid decision?? I'd rather you just didn't vote if all you're going to do is listen to the rubbish that the candidates throw out at us and not actually look at what they're going to do when they get into office!

7) When I was 14, I was in a model search and chosen by the New York modeling agency, NAME. There were 400 potentials at the search and only 20 of them were chosen by 10 different agencies from NY. I know it's hard to believe that it happened to me, but it's true!
8) Tedi Herlihy and I used to go around Page in my convertible and slap tourists on the butt as we drove by them. It was so funny! I love small town fun!

9) I would love to serve a mission with Simon in a place like Africa. I also want to serve a temple mission, but Simon isn't as into it. I love the temple!!!

10) I wish I was more acedemic. I'm not stupid and I can carry on an intelligent conversation. I just worry b/c Simon went to one of the top universities in the UK and I believe he's going to be really disappointed if any of our children are as unacedemic as I was.

11)When I was in college, I used to go skinny dipping with my church friends in high school swimming pools at night. We nearly got caught one time!

12) I wish I had an amazing singing voice. I can carry a tune and I'm not tone deaf, but I would love if my voice was just beautiful!

13) I used to intern for the MTV show, 'Singled Out'. It was the funnest job, ever! I also used to help out doing wardrobe at the 'Tonight Show', occasionally.

14) Here's one that the Page folk probably won't believe, considering the cars I used to drive growing up, but I am completely uninterested in materialism. I don't have a fancy car, my house is pretty normal, and I could care less what label my clothes have. I hate how materialism rules so many lives. Can't we get our priorites straight?

15) In college, my friends used to call my car the 'Pope Mobile' b/c if I was driving they couldn't cuss, drink, or go home with anyone other than me. We had a problem with some girls going home with random guys they met in Hollywood, so that's why the last rule was included. Oddly enough, my friends always wanted to go with me and they would always go on about how much fun they had that their parents would entirely approve of. I didn't go to a church school and none of my roommates were Mormon.

16) One of the reasons I wouldn't want to move to the States right now is b/c my children would lose their English accents. Is that silly or what?

17) I'm an open book, but there are some things that I just think would be too shocking for this note. I'd tell them to you if you asked me, though.

18) Here's a random about Simon. He's really musical, so most people just think he listens to classical music all the time, which isn't far from the truth, but the other type of music he spends most of his time listening to is rave. I always have to laugh at his conflicting musical interests!

19) I used to be employed by a modeling agency in Beverly Hills to scout new talent and to style their photo shoots. It was fun, but put me off the whole world of modeling.

20) We really want to have a house in Page and a house here when Simon retires, but I worry that I won't really want to spend as much time in Page anymore b/c I've made my home here.

21) Simon didn't kiss me for a whole month after we started dating. It was torture!!!

22)Simon and I have never had a fight in all the 9 years that we've known each other. The funny thing is that whenever I have a dream about Simon I'm always really angry at him b/c of the horrible, unreasonable person he is in my dreams.

23) I have hypothyroidism. It's the most common genetic disease in America. I have to take medication for it for the rest of my life and I still am always cold and tired from it. I also have to work harder than anyone I know to lose and keep off weight.

24) I'm 6 feet tall and I've always considered that I was a tall girl, but Simon has 2 cousins, who are girls, and are taller than me and they don't think that I'm tall.

25) I've been blessed to have everything I've ever wanted in life. I've had some pretty lofty goals that I've fulfilled, but my biggest goal was always to get married in the temple and have lots of children. I am just so grateful that all of my dreams have come true. I love life!


Sarah Coyne said...

What an interesting post!! Hilarious that so many of the items had to do with you being naked! I laughed my head off about you and your brothers. So funny!

So, I'm also totally gutted because Nathan now officially has the nastiest Utah accent ever. I totally know what you meana bout the cute British one! :)

The Hoffmans said...

Jamie you are so much fun! No your not boring, but your weird for wanting to have a retiree house in Page! Hahah!

Allison said...

That was a trip down memeory lane for me. I remember hanging out at your house down by my Uncle Jim's place a few times. Such an amazing resume Jamie! I wish I could say I have done as many interesting things for jobs.

Steph said...

#15-why wouldn't they want to hang out with you!? You are a fun, interesting and giving person! I remember when the kids were all younger and Rob and Mandi were dating..those videos you made! They were HYSTERICAL, and so clever! You truly have a gift, my friend.