Monday, 29 December 2008

Mormon Love. Okay, I'm as hopeless as the rest of you!

Before I continue with this blog, I'm sure some of you are wondering why I haven't blogged about my recent trip to America. The reason is simply down to the stack of Relief Society stuff that I had waiting for me when I returned...and because I can't seem to find the disk where I stored all my America pictures. That will all just have to come at a later date.

I probably wouldn't even be bothering to blog yet, but I keep getting bewildered by just how hopeless I have become. My mom gave me the 'Twilight' book when we were in the States. I thought, given the current hysteria that seems to have engulfed most of you with book and movie, that it was going to be rubbish, especially when I found out it was written by a Mormon, but at last I now knew why all of my Utah friends and family had blog entries on vampire love. I was confused there for awhile. Anyway, I knew that I'd get a chance for some reading when we went to Simon's parents for Christmas, so I took it along with me...not expecting much out of it. Boy was I WRONG!

I started to read the first couple of pages, very skeptically, and then I just kept reading and reading! If I had to stop, then I would just think about it every second. It consumed me for the 3 days it took to read it. It wasn't because I thought I was anything like Bella. I definitely would run if I ever had 4 dodgy men approaching me, and I have actually screamed when I thought someone was following me in London, before, although I think the guy was just normal and thought that I was the mad one! The one thing I could relate to is how my friend Candace would always remind me that if there was a weirdo or scary guy in a 1 mile radius of me, that I would have attracted them. Simon is definitely no Edward, either, (nor would I dream for him to be) although he does serenade me with beautiful songs that he's composed on the piano just for me. A talent that I will definitely be imposing on James and any other boys I have.

The thing that grasped my attention the most was all the (what I like to call) Mormon love! If anyone ever asked me what it was like to date the person you were madly in love with and not act on it, I would have them read 'Twilight'. It just brought me back to those dating days with Simon and all those overwhelming feelings of just wanting to kiss him forever, but then having to stop and compose myself before things got out of hand. And the electricity of the simplest brush of his hand on mine. I just have never read anything that described those feelings better. It just took me back!

So, at 5am this morning, I ordered the rest of the series, but I did make an effort with some self control in not paying for express delivery. That means I have to wait at least 4 days for them to be delievered. Ugh! I don't know why I'm letting myself get so consumed b/c I really don't have any time for them. I'm just going to have to stay up all night until I'm finished. I just hope that when I'm finished, that I'm satisfied and I can get it all out of my head. By the sound of the rest of you, that seems to be a hopeless wish.

I haven't seen the movie yet, but I'm too scared it will disappoint me. The trailers look as if they changed too much, but I probably still will watch it.


Maria said...

I am so happy you feel the same way!:) I have been reading Breaking Dawn for the who knows how many times this past Christmas season in the orchestral pits. I am now currently ready Eclipse again. It is soooo addicting....and I just can't explain but I think you did a fantastic job! How is your pregnancy going? Do you guys find out what you are having or is it a surprise?

sophie said...

Ugh! I have been putting off reading these but now I just can't help it anymore. I have heard too many rave reviews of this book and it's driving me nuts! It sounds almost as addicting as Harry Potter..I think I'm going to look at Amazon right now..

allypally said...

All right - I will be the voice of dissent. I hate them!! But I still couldn't put them down, and read each one in only a day. So, count me in I suppose. Even though I hate them...

Glad to see you're back after your LONG break!!

Sarah Coyne said...

You are so cute! I never thought of Twlight being "Mormon love" but it SO is!!
THe movie was pretty good; I wasn't a huge fan of the books, but I thought the movie followed the first book pretty well.
Hope you had fun in the States!

Lee and Alisha Whitifeld and Family said...

You are so funny. I loved the books and the movie. Too bad you arent still in Chorley we have started a book club and this was one of the books we read. Everyone LOVED it! I hope you enjoy the next 3 books too 1 and 4 were my favorite!

Allison said...

I promise the movie is ANYTHING but a disappointment. I have seen it twice. I read all of the books the same way you did. My kids and husband ate cereal for a few days b/c I didn't even want to stop to feed them.

Mandi and Rob said...

You fell into the trap!! You are so funny.