Friday, 30 April 2010


We spent Easter just with ourselves this year. Simon's dad has been unwell and my parents live too far away, so this was it. We left at the crack of dawn to do our tradition of an Easter devotional. Things were a bit different this year, with Conference, but our tradition remained the same. Easter is probably my favourite holiday!
One of the things I love most about my children is that they are up for just about anything. This is right before we headed off for our devotional. It was was was wet, but this is what we were greeted with! They are so fun!

Egg hunt

This was at our spot this year.
Our Greek feast. Simon cooks for us. Grilled lamb, stuffed vine leaves, fried aubergines, grilled haloumi, greek salad, tatziki, olives, feta...DELICIOUS!!!

Off to hear Conference in our Easter best. I love going to the chapel for
Conference. It was so fitting for it to be on Easter.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Lucy Sparrow

Chloe put this pirate hair on Lucy and she loved it! Once I figure out how to get my home filming on here, then I'll post the video of Lucy. I just don't have the time, at the moment!

On other news, Chloe has lost her 2 middle bottom teeth! She lost the first one a few weeks ago, when she swallowed it at dinner time. The other one she lost about a week ago.

One day, I left James to look after Lucy while I took a shower and this is what I came back to:
He was reading to Lucy and pointing out all the things that the hungry caterpillar ate. I love these moments!

I know, I'm rubbish at posting. I've been keeping journals of all the children, though and I make sure to keep things up to date in them, which means I get behind on here!