Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Lucy Sparrow

Chloe put this pirate hair on Lucy and she loved it! Once I figure out how to get my home filming on here, then I'll post the video of Lucy. I just don't have the time, at the moment!

On other news, Chloe has lost her 2 middle bottom teeth! She lost the first one a few weeks ago, when she swallowed it at dinner time. The other one she lost about a week ago.

One day, I left James to look after Lucy while I took a shower and this is what I came back to:
He was reading to Lucy and pointing out all the things that the hungry caterpillar ate. I love these moments!

I know, I'm rubbish at posting. I've been keeping journals of all the children, though and I make sure to keep things up to date in them, which means I get behind on here!